Nursing Education and Technology

Nursing technology includes an array of medical devices, systems and software, which are speciallly designed and assembled to reduce the amount of time that nurses have to spend on tasks such as tracking down the equipments, locating and collaborating with the other staff members and updating the patient charts. Technology serves to improve the accuracy and patient safety by reducing medical errors and preventing unauthorized people to access the facility and sensitive patient records. Certainly, in addition to improved accuracy, efficiency and safety, the recent technology also allows nurses to spend more time on direct patient care.

  • New Technological Advances and Trends in Nursing
  • Benefits of Nursing Technology
  • Types of Nursing Technology
  • Nursing Technology for Improving Patient Care
  • 3 D Printing, Nano Technology, Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems
  • Biomechatronics, Kansei, Biometrics and Computerized Physician/Provider Order; Entry (CPOE) and Clinical Decision Support

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